CloudXR how to make a build with Unreal engine


I’m working on a project with CloudXR to stream VR to a Quest 2. The server and glasses configuration properly works because I can run Steam apps.
But I have made an unreal build but doesn’t works. I’m using an external server and opening the app through VNC as the documentation says.

How does the Unreal build has to be done (plugins and configuration)

Thanks in advance


I created the UE project to Mobile/Tablet (supported platform in project settings is win64); in proj. settings Start in VR should be checked. Steam VR and Oculus VR plugin are necessary. If you check the openXR and Oculus OpenXR plugin, then you should switch to steam VR beta version (steamVR normal has critical error).

What are the symptoms? Where is the error?


Hello Balint

Many thanks for you answer.

We have manage to make it work with the 4.24 but we are looking to make it work with the 4.26.
In the 4,26 we couldn’t make the build. Probably because we were using desktop instead of mobile/tablet and were using the release steam VR plugin and not the beta.
Did you manage to get high end graphics with the mobile/tablet configuration?

We are going to run some test and tell you if it works

Hello R.merino!

We only measured the graphic quality through QoE, but it was fine for us.
I hope it helped you.

Yes balint1. Thank you very much for your help

Finally we managed to create the experience as we wanted. The issue was activating the wrong plugins

@R.merino. Do I understand correctly that you have gotten Unreal 4.26 to work with CXR 3 ? We have not managed to get this to work (while it worked “sometwhat” on CXR 2) . Would appreciate any input into this subject as we have put or efforts using CXR on hold.

Hello Filip

Yes, it is working perfectly on 4.26 and cloudxr 3 using the same built as the one used in Cloudxr 2. The plugins needed are activated by default

What do you mean with it is not working?

@R.merino Encouraging! If I create a new VR project, open the motion controller map and hit play->VRPreview while the iPhone with CXR client 3.0 is connected (and works fine with ar_test.exe and unity) I will get the correct image in the preview on the computer but that image is not sent to the iphone client. ( we have a more complex app that we actually want to run, but in order to keep down variables in this troubleshoot we use the template app)
My steamvr client is 1.19.7 as of this post.

Hello… I managed to use a UE4 4.27 with CloudXR and an Android client but the 3D is compose over the video as additive not opaque. The ar_test.exe works perfectly. I think there are some project settings that need a change, but don´t know what can it be.
Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

I want to create multiplayer VR in unreal engine using cloud XR.Is that possible?
also how to use the sdk for integration