CloudXR sample Android application not included?

In documentation I read “The NVIDIA CloudXR SDK includes a sample Oculus VR client” and read that file “ovr-sample.apk” should be in the zipfile containing the SDK. However this no longer seems to be the case. As we’re just testing it seems overkill to try and build it ourselves. Is this file available by any other means? Thanks in advance.

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I decided to build it as per documentation. Wasn’t too difficult, but it sure would have been nice if this was supported (or documented)

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Good to hear that you were able to get this built by yourself!

I will forward your suggestion of including the sample apk in the SDK releeases.

Thank you!

If you can point out where in the documentation it states that, I’ll get it updated for the next release. I thought we removed all such references.

We determined that for legal/licensing reasons, we should not redistribute prebuilt binaries that incorporate third party SDKs. As you note, it should be ‘reasonably easy’ for people to build themselves, and yes the documentation should make clear there are no prebuilt APKs for the samples.

Point me in the direction of any doc ‘errors’ you ran into, and I’ll get them fixed. Thanks!