Compling CloudXR WaveVR and OculusVR apk


I’m compling both the WaveVR and OculusVR apks following the procedure referenced in the NVIDIA CXR docs (User Guide — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation)

I was just after clarification on the prerequisites e.g. for example the guide makes reference to compile the apk(s) against the following library versions

Google Oboe SDK 1.5.0,
WaveVR Native SDK 4.1.1,
OVR Mobile SDK 1.46.0.

There have been several newer releases of the above referenced versions of the libraries which include numberous bug fixed / enhancements.

Can the latests libraries be used to build the apks? or do we have to stick to the referenced versions for stability

Hi rakesh.chauhan ,

in general you should go with recommended SDK and library versions. Any testing and validation by NVIDIA developers is done against those versions to make sure our software runs smoothly.

If you deviate from those recommendations things might still work, but there is no guarantee that it will or that a future release of one of our SDKs would work in that setup.

Development from our side of course progresses as well and we try to incorporate new features of dependent SDKs as soon as possible. If that is the case and the software went through QA to our satisfaction, we will release new versions with updated recommendations.

I hope that answers your question!