Only works tethered from android studio, can I still go untethered with Oculus Quest 2

Okay I see, the client works if I run it from android studio while still connected via USB to my local machine.

However, when I build the client, it doesn’t create the proper client .apk, it only creates the app-debug.apk. So I can’t run this untethered.

Would it be beneficial to copy the OculusVR folder into the base device (Quest 2)? Or is this SDK only available while using the USB?

After reading the 3.1 release notes, I am now aware that .apk has been removed from the OculusVR sample.

This issue is resolved.

Side note: I agree with taking away, protect your intellectual property before others can take advantage. I’ll make do until the product is complete.

The debug APK from android studio can absolutely be run untethered. I do so frequently. Just ensure you have a launch options file on the device (vs using android studio debug options).

Hey, yes I think I can still run the app-debug.apk untethered, but I guess I can no longer run the pre-compiled oculus client .apk because that has been removed correct?

yes, the prebuilt binary was removed. since users can build the APKs trivially themselves, it doesn’t help much.