Any plans to migrate to OpenXR Mobile SDK?

As outlined here:

Meta no longer supports the mobile SDK or vrapi.

Are there any plans to migrate to use the OpenXR Mobile SDK for long term support?

If you’re interested, shortly I will be pushing a new OpenXR-based CloudXR client. It should work on any standalone VR headset, although I only have Quests now (I did previously write compatibility for various other HMDs including Pico 3/4, HTC Focus3 and XR Elite). I’ll post a link when the client is pushed and would certainly appreciate feedback / testing on various headsets, as well as PRs.

My main holdup is waiting for Facebook’s IGL library to have their OpenXR sample fixed so it actually compiles and runs on Quest properly. IGL supports Vulkan, GL ES, and Metal / MaxOS backends, but CloudXR (including 4.0) still requires GL ES for the cxrBlit operation to copy our the decoded video games into the currently bound GL ES framebuffer. I may eventually get it to work with Vulkan using GL ↔ VK interop just for this blit function, but the main thing is just to have a clean openxr sample to build on top of.

If you can’t wait, Pico has a CloudXR / OpenXR client already on Github, I believe.

We only use the Quest Pro currently but I’d definitely be interested in trying it out or adding improvements!

I have all the Quests but Quest Pro in particular is a focus of mine due to its eye tracking which I need for my path tracing VR game. I have partially completed direct CloudXR 4 server integration in my vulkan engine, but it’s not done yet. I am very much looking forward to Nvidia releasing the new Monado OpenXR runtime for PC with CloudXR 4 integrated in it, and use its functionality for eye/face/body/hand tracking, or add it myself (perhaps through api layers so the client code would be the same on PC as a native Quest standalone android app).

I used to have Pico and HTC headsets here but had to give them back, so others would have to test my streaming app on those headsets for any bugs. But it should be broadly compatible with most headsets.

Hoping someone from the CloudXR team can weigh in since this kind of brings us back to the original question for when we can expect an update to the client.