Point in the right direction

I’ve been looking through the information here and it’s a bit overwhelming. I’m looking to read information from and write config information to a display. Initially I’d like to simply read EDID info from a display.
Eventually I’d like to be able to send and receive I2C messages and display a static image or a test tone.
I plan to use the HDMI interface.

I’ve downloaded the NVAPI and I’m starting to work with it in Visual Studio. I have a GT710 pcie card in my Win7 PC.

The NVAPI has some examples that I’m playing with but they don’t include an example for getting EDID.

Based on what I’d like to do I have a few questions:

  1. Is the GT710 hardware acceptable?
  2. Is Visual Studio the best choice? I’ve seed CUDA but it seems to be more for GPU level programming.
  3. Is there a repository of examples I can access. I was leaning towards C++ but anything is ok.
  4. I like digging into the details I’m just looking for advice on the best starting point. There seems to be many more powerful applications in use here than I need to use.