Poor Halo Infinite Performance and Random Hang


There seems to be some kind of Nvidia Driver related issue with Halo Infinite. While the game runs, the performance is about ~20% of what it should be and in addition to that there seems to be random hang which freezes the picture, but the sound game itself still continues to run.

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Same here would rlly like Nvidia to look into this. The performance Is rlly odd vs when playing the game on windows. With a rtx 2060 the game will get around 30 to 50 fps with really bad frame timing and while on windows 11 I can get over 100 fps. Also shader and texture cache are loading in everytime into a match. There is also a bug where the game will hang at 01 of a second loading into a match and crash.

Just wanted to inform that Halo Infinite doesn’t even start on 525.53 driver.

I am also seeing Halo Infinite crash during the initial loading screen with driver 525.53. The issue does not occur on driver 520.56.06

Thanks for reporting issue, I have filed a bug 3868056 internally for tracking purpose.
Shall try for local repro internally and will ask for information if required.

I am not able to reproduce issue so far locally, request to share bug report from repro state so that we can try to analyze issue based on debug logs.
Meanwhile, I will try on few other test systems to reproduce issue locally.

Here is a bug report on a fresh start and directly logging into Steam to test out Halo Infinite, further to that I also attach a log of Proton.
nvidia-bug-report.log (19.6 MB)
steam-1240440.log (13.3 MB)

EDIT: Not really sure if what is affecting Halo Infinite to not start is also affecting Serious Sam 4 and SM, I did attach a video on the thread, but it could be linked as both issues started with this driver.

We were able to reproduce issue locally.
We are actively working upon it and will keep you posted.

I am unable to experience this issue on driver 525.60.11, not sure what is different from the 525.53 one(Serious Sam bug still present so I’m guessing it’s different thing affecting it).

Also seeing poor framerate and frame timing performance in Halo Infinite on Arch with an Nvidia 3090. The poor framerate also makes Halo Infinite’s LOD kick in, resulting in everything looking like they were modeled in low-poly.

We were able to root caused the issue, fix will be incorporated in future released driver.
Shall update once it is done publicly.