Porting optixOcean to Optix 7.0

I am trying to port optixOcean to Optix 7.0. Since the geometry changes from frame to frame, acceleration structure won’t help much. I found this in Optix 6.0 source:

geometrygroup->setAcceleration( context->createAcceleration("NoAccel","NoAccel") );

In OptiX 7.0, how to bypass acceleration structure? is optixConvertPointerToTraversableHandle the right call to go with?

And in general, how to ray trace height field scene efficiently?

Please read this post first:

There is no way in OptiX 7 to not have an acceleration structure if there is any geometry in the scene.
The minimum would be a single AABB around a custom primitive.

If the geometry changes every frame, make sure to follow the advice from the post above using the information in the OptiX 7 Programming Guide chapter on acceleration structures:
Especially the sections 5.3 Build-flags and 5.4 Dynamic updates.