Possible microservices with jetson orin nano

I want to know, Which microservices from metropolis microservices can we use it on jetson orin nano without needing any additional hardware requirements

Only Orin AGX and Orin NX 16GB listed in this document: Quick Start Guide — Metropolis on Jetson documentation 0.1.0 documentation
Let me check internally and feedback if Orin Nano can work with MMJ.

Thank you, that will be really helpful.

any updates

@chintan_shah , Can you help to conform if MMJ can run on Orin Nano?

@apisaruthan , Can you share more details of your use case or your project? Why you need run MMJ on Orin Nano?

for streaming purposes, do the inference using deepstream on camera streams for about 4 cameras in parallel

Can you help to list which microservices are used in your projcet? Maybe memory size is the big concern when you want to run MMJ on Orin Nano.

We probably want to use NVStreamer, VST and Metropolis analytics services. is that possible?

We don’t support Orin Nano on current release. But it is in our roadmap. Stay tuned.

Thank you

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