Can Nvidia Video Storage Toolkit run on Consumer GPUs

So I have been exploring Nvidia’s Metropolis and found that the ecosystem had Video Storage Toolkit, Deep stream and Triton that would be useful to what I have been developing. I was wondering if these can run on a Linux 22.04 machine and a mobile consumer GPU like a Mobile 3070 Ti, for testing, RND purposes.


VST EA is designed to run on Jetson platform only. This EA (early access) release is now superseded by Metropolis Microservices for Jetson (MMJ).

MMJ has been released last week in DP (developer Preview) form publicly. MMJ contains VST, with VST still installable separately as a container.

MMJ requires Jetpack 6.x. DP runs on Orin AGX or NX. We are working on adding more hardware choices.

If you wish to find out more about MMJ, please read here:

Does VST run on Jetson Orin nano 8gb device?

Hello, we are in the process of testing and benchmarking Nano 8GB solution. Both for VST and MMJ that contains it. I expect its release to take place around this spring’s GTC.