Potential regression in v515.57 from v495.29.05: nvidia-powerd service spamming dbus-enabled applications with invalid messages

As per topic title, I believe a regression has occurred between v510.39.01 and v515.57 relating to the nvidia-powerd service and an alarming rate of dbus error messages being recorded, leading to system slowdown and to a potential lockup/crash.

This bug has been reported in the past, on v495.29.05, however it was reported (and confirmed by myself, on a previous fresh install) that v510.39.01 fixed this issue.

As nvidia-powerd is essential to leverage the most performance out of my NVIDIA RTX 3060 mobile GPU, due to dynamic boosting, this is a potentially huge issue.

I have replicated it on the latest drivers (515.57 and 515.48) on multiple distinct distributions (Fedora 36, PopOS 22.04, Arch Linux current). Attached is my nvidia-bug-report.log.gz, however due to my unfamiliarity with the tool and NVIDIA bug reporting as a whole, if any information has been missed on my part please let me know so I can immediately update this post with all relevant information.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (450.4 KB)

The aforementioned previous report is here, I was unable to attach it in the original post due to a limit on links for new users.