Power supply considerations for Jetson Nano Developer Kit

The PoE output pins are isolated from the board itself. However, the board will not accept 12V or 24V or whatever your PoE voltage is, so you need a voltage converter from the PoE power output, into the 5V input of the Nano (either GPIO header or barrel connector.)

“Passive” PoE just means that the voltage is always available on the cable (no active negotiation needed) but that should be totally safe to plug into the board.

Does someone kown if Jetson Nano is protected from over voltage. What happened if by mistake someone plug a 20V power supply on the nano ?

This would damage the carrier board.

I’m just bought Jetson Nano for only 1 day, using exactly 1 hours to test whether It can boot or not. First I use my fast charger 5V-3A because I see many people using 5V-3A MicroUSB so I think this is okay. Now I realize that they use power supply not a cellphone charger and my board no longer boot anymore. Can my silly action damage the board? I don’t have 5V-4A DC 2.1mm to test yet and I so scared to plug it in again. Does the board have any kind of protection against user mistake :(

Cell chargers use a standard USB 5V, so this would never damage the Jetson. Chargers may not have good enough regulation, and right at the moment of powering up regulation must be very good. Insufficient quality of the 5V would make it appear the Jetson is failing, but in reality the Jetson is still fully functional and unharmed. Charging a battery quite often does not have tight regulation and/or the wires are too thin/long and the resistance prevents boot.

A 12V charger, or other voltages over 5V, would probably cause actual damage to the carrier board.

It is a good idea to use power coming through a surge suppressor.

My Jetson Nano was working Well till the last night. When I turn on my Jetson Nano today, the green LED light is on for 1 second and gets off automatically. But if I do not insert the SD Card, then the LED is Continuously ON, I don’t know what happened Suddenly. I thought this is due to SD Card Corruption. So I formatted SD Card, I again flashed Jetpack 4.4 Image on to my 64GB SD Card. If I insert SD Card gain the same thing.
Kindly help me to resolve this issue. Would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone! Could someone please clarify this? J48 is the power select, only 2 pins… I read somewhere else that:

J40 is 8 pins… so if 2+4 would do, what would be 6+9GND?
Then… most importantly. I am actually having a B01 Jetson Nano. J40 doesn’t exist… would that be J50?
I really don’t want to blow up my board. Could you please indicate exactly which header/pins should be used?

Thanks in advance!


That would make sense, and works the same for A02 or B01. Still… better confirm?

J48 is a jumper. When shorted, the barrel jack connector is used to provide power. When not shorted, the micro-B USB connector provides the power. It shouldn’t matter whether this is A02 or B01, both should have a J48 with a jumper function to determine if power is pulled from the barrel jack or micro-B USB.

Some item physical locations change between A02 and B01 revisions, but the jumper for power should have the same logical function.

I don’t think the button header was intended for power input. Don’t know. I don’t have a B01 board, but some pins which existed on A02 may no longer exist.

Thanks @linuxdev

Indeed, pins are different. A01’s J40 and J44 do not exist anymore, are replaced by J50.

The main question was to clarify if the 2 pins able to receive power in were on J41 (not J48)… guessing they are, and matching the given pins numbers (2+4 and GND 6+9).

Now… I just spoke with someone quite knowledgeable with electrical and electronics. He was quite surprised it was suggested to input 3A through pins, because pins usually can not take more than 1A… my plan was to connect each pin to a power bank able to provide 2.4A, hoping to get portable 4+A to power the board. Yet, would not like having to solder cables directly to the pins… any info about that?

I cannot answer that. What I can tell you is that when a micro-B USB cable delivers power to a USB device there are specifications for power limits, and some sort of fusing (including active fusing or polymer fuses which reset after cooling down) are part of that standard. When using the barrel connector the USB limitations are bypassed, and the barrel jack method of powering is superior to power over micro-B USB.

Some “fast chargers” may offer more delivery current, but it does not mean the device accepting the current is fused any differently. I cannot say for sure on the Nano, but just as a guess, I think the barrel connector method may have a couple of amperes delivery advantage.

The primary cause of boot failure, regardless of using micro-B USB or using the barrel connector, is the lack of ability to regulate with tight tolerances right at the moment of powering up. Even if a supply could deliver 5V at 25A, if the moment of power up is not well regulated, then boot will fail.

You might be able to use the pins for powering, I don’t know. The power consumption is rarely consistent, and this is modified by any attached peripherals. I have never heard of any trouble with the jumper for the barrel connector being an issue, nor have I ever heard of any of the power delivery methods having overcurrent issues due to pins being stressed. Due to the multi-layer fine pitch circuit board traces I will definitely recommend not soldering anything. I think pins are sufficient if needed, especially if it can be delivered across multiple pins, or better yet, delivered through the barrel connector.

I would agree and stick to using barrel…
It makes powering the board from portable power a little tricky, but I’ll find a way.


Small question about the very first post. You wrote “The devkit may also be powered from pins 2+4 (pin 6+9 GND) of the J48 Expansion Header - up to up to 5V⎓3A per pin (5V⎓6A total).”

Where can I find this information in the data sheets? Also is this also true for the Xavier NX?

The available power sources can be combined arbitrarily, satisfying the specs of max 5V 6A in rev. B01?
Can I use a PoE hat that provide 5V 2.5A and add another switched 5V 2.5A/3A source (via pin, jack or usb) to be used only to run stressful workloads?

The official Raspberry Pi PoE hat uses both of 5V DC pins (2+4) to provide 2.5A or one? I understood only the DC barrel jack is protected from higher voltage, so providing a 2.5A/3A to a pin where PoE may out some of its 2.5A can be risky, right?

Question about the Nano 2GB (important to highlight because it is a bit different). Sorry if it is already answered somewhere, I seems to have found only answer for the Nano 4GB. The 2GB comes with a USB-C plug for power, and only that. If I get a 5V 3A, or a 5.1V 3A Raspberry-style power adapter with USB-C connector (could be with a micro-USB connector and an adapter, but it seems more logical to get directly one with USB-C connection), will it work with the Nano 2GB ? After programming, the idea would be to run it headless, but connected to an Arduino, the Arduino take very little power, but still, I believe the 2A would not be enough.

hi, how are you?, I bought the jetson nano kit a year ago but I really didn’t can do so much more than use as a explorer, the problem was the power source, you see, every time I was trying some examples of machine learning in the kit it suddenly turn off and I have to disconnect and connect again. I was trying to use with a power supply of 5 volts and 2 amperes and I thought this could be a problem of insufficient current so I decided to use a power supply of 16 amp, it was working very well but then after some uses the voltage of power supply started to increase, I don’t know what happened but the power supply doesn’t work anymore, now I try with another power supply of 10 amp and 5 volts from a video game console but the same problem seem happen again, I know that there are a new OS for jetson nano designed for jetson nano 2gb with less consume so I am trying to run it on the first jetson nano but balena don’t work well on manjaro, it says that the archive of image is compressed or corrupted and don’t flash thi sd card, I’m using one of 128 Gb, I will try to flash with open suse from manjaro, I was using power supply alternative that you recommends because it only is selled in amazon or shops that can’t send to my country or is so difficult, I’m peruvian, I get some of these power supply from chinesse shops like banggood or gearbest that can send this products that where I live these are not easy to find. So that was what I lived trying to run some of AI because it interested me a lot but It was a little disappointing, I hope an answer or a recommendation, thank you for attending my trouble, have a nice day.

Would it possible to use a power bank with 5V 3A by having a USB to barrel jack converter and use it on the Jetson Nano?

Would this converter be a simply plug-n-play type of use or would some additional circuitry be required?