Power9 for Ubuntu16.04


I am trying to install CUDA in an out of the box ubuntu 16.04 system and everything goes alright until the POWER 9 step.
The guide says: Copy the above text into the following file:

The problem is that there is no “system” folder in systemd. Should I just assume that I have to create it myself?

Thank you.

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Are you working on a Power 9 system?

Same question as marcosag90’s. I am using personal laptop with ubuntu 16.04. Don’t know it is power 9 system or not! Please help.

Power 9 is a high-end server CPU made by IBM. There are no laptops based on the Power 9 processor.

If you don’t know what a power 9 system is, you are not using a power 9 system, and the installation guide section pertaining to power 9 can be skipped/ignored.

It would then be more logic to indicate it on the Installation Guide “Only for systems using the high end server CPU made by IBM”

It can be misleading for most users, as it is in “mandatory actions”.

I don’t know about “most users”, how was that established? If NVIDIA adds some clarifying language they should write what txbob wrote above:

Ok, maybe not “most users”… but at least,
they could write “for Power 9 system users, …” simply to keep it clear for others that don’t know yet they dont have it !

I just landed here with the same problem. I agree with @njuffa, the docs are confusing for those of us who are not necessarily experts. They should say that the section can be skipped if you are not using a Power 9 system, instead they are written as if that’s probably what you have.

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It happened to me as well. I was confused by the documentation

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Same here, a note in the documentation would be pretty useful.

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