Powering up Tx2 with external button


I would like to power up the TX2 using an external button…Seems like I have the new revision of the board, I don’t have a J6 connector next to the power button

Is there a workaround for powering up the TX2 using pins?

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Pin 2 of J20 is for power button, short it to ground will power up system. Furthermore you can check the schematic and assembly file in DLC for the location of J20.

The docs I am looking at for TX2 dev board shows J20 as the micro-OTG USB connector. J6 used to be correct, but apparently it isn’t present anymore on dev carrier boards. Is J20 a reference to the module instead of the carrier?

Using a connector between pin 1 and 2 on J20 turns on a Red LED (CR5) on the board for about half a second, then it power down again. - Board does not seem to turn on though.

I did this as a simple swap between a J6 connector on the previous version (which succesfully turned it on) to pin 1&&2 on J20 on a new board that doesn’t have J6.

@Trumany Any other ideas?


Holding down the power button for a couple seconds turned it on (as opposed to a press and release).

Shorting pin 1-2 on J20 works perfectly on my dev-board, thanks Trumany!

Me 3! Thanks Trumany!

Shorting pin 1-2 on J20 works but it seems you need to remove the short to prevent power off - assume this is meant for push button instead of a jumper?