Preventing decompilation / disassembly etc..

Is there a way to prevent decompilation or disassembly of executabels with tools like cuobjdump/nvdisasm ?
Is there a way to prevent tools like nvvp or nsight being able to analyze kernels behaviour ?


The only thing you can do with NVIDIA tools is to make sure your code doesn’t contain PTX, via appropriate choice of compile switches. But that doesn’t prevent someone from inspecting the SASS with cuobjdump/nvdisasm or running your code with profilers.

Trying to prevent “decompilation or disassembly of executabels” is a fool’s errand. There are powerful disassembly/decompilation tools available (I know this from experience with reverse engineering CPU-based executables), and any reasonably determined attacker will break such a defense in a short time.