Preventing Nvcc from calling host compiler

The following paragraph is from NVDIA Cuda Programming Guide 3.0.

Source files compiled with nvcc can include a mix of host code (i.e. code that
executes on the host) and device code (i.e. code that executes on the device). nvcc‟s
basic workflow consists in separating device code from host code and compiling the
device code into an assembly form (PTX code) and/or binary form (cubin object).
The generated host code is output either as C code that is left to be compiled using
another tool or as object code directly by letting nvcc invoke the host compiler
during the last compilation stage.

How to prevent nvcc from calling host compiler to compile host code?
I want to access the host code in .c format, but let nvcc emit device code to .ptx file.
What should i do to prevent nvcc from converting host code to .obj format?
Does nvcc have any options that lets me do this?

try compiler options -cuda or -cuda combined with -ptx
it says it wil generate a .cu.c file

you can also try -keep option. this will store the intermediate files in TEMP directory of your os. in linux check /tmp and in windows check %temp% folder