PRIME Sync / vsync + vulkan causes lockup loop with 435.xx/440.xx series

this problem started happening when the 435.xx series was released and still continues to happen with 440.xx series. if i have 435 or 440 drivers installed and using a PRIME setup with nvidia_drm.modeset=1 for PRIME Sync and i launch vkcube, after about 3-4 seconds it begins to go into a continuous loop of my entire desktop being unresponsive for 5 seconds and then 1 second of it not being frozen.

i’ve been sticking to the 430.xx drivers which doesnt have this problem at all and i’ve been periodically checking in with the new drivers to see if it’s fixed yet so while im currently on the 440.31 drivers i wanted to post some relevant info in hopes it gets resolved.

i’ve reproduced this on multiple clean installs and on 2 separate laptops, dell inspiron 15-7559, and an msi gf63-8rd

some more history on the issue

possibly related?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.44 MB)

hi, is there any info on this issue or possible ways of fixing it?