Problem in debugging CUDA kernel

When breakpoint is set to debug kernel,CUDA debugger does not stop at the breakpoint.
Kernel function launches fine.
The sample code can be debugged properly.

Following are detail which might be helpful:
Visual Studio 2012
Nsight Visual Studio 4.1
Cuda toolkit 6.5
The project is not CUDA project.It is being modified from VC++ project with build customization
for CUDA 6.5.

Hi Sagar,

I guess the problem is your project is not a CUDA one. Could you check whether there is CUDA C/C++ tab in your project’s property page? If there is, is Generate GPU Debug Infomation set to Yes in Device page? If these settings are all correct, pasting your project here maybe the best way for us to figure it out. Thanks.

All the settings which you have specified are there in my project but still its not debugging for cuda debugger. Is there any other settings which are needed to be done?

Sounds nothing special. Would you mind send your project to us? Presend your email address and I will send you a FTP link to upload it. Then we could try on our side. Thanks.