RE : NSight skipping breakpoints while debugging


I have written a GPU code on CUDA and I have set a breakpoint on my code which is getting skipped when I trying to debug the code. I have also posted this on other forum but I didn’t get any help from there. I am re-posting the link of the forum in as my problem is still the same and still persists. It would immensely helpful if someone could shed any light on this issue. Thanks

I’ve replied to your Stackoverflow posting.



Thank you for your reply. But my GPU debug information is already turned to "Yes-G"and as I have mentioned that I have done a kernel error check and my kernel is also running without any error. Though I can upgrade to the latest version but my only concern is that I am able to debug the other sample codes without any problem.


The upgrading of the Nsight version worked and now I am able to hit the breakpoints. Please post this as an answer in stackoverflow so that I can accept it. Thanks again.

Done. :)