Problem in Running CUDA samples in Jetson TX1 remotely.

Actually, I didn´t find the executable file which should be in Documents. I am new on this platform. I tried many time. The error they are showing is path is not found. Also sometimes unexpected ´´)´´error occurs. I don´t understand this either, So please help me if anyone knows.

I do not know about the specific errors. However, beware that if you are doing remote graphical display from one Linux machine to another (or just X11 graphics), then sometimes graphics work is offloaded to the client you sit at, while the remote host no longer does the graphics work. An alternate way of saying this is that the GPU and CUDA or OpenGL of your desktop machine may be the actual device being used for that part of the program.

For the Jetson to do the GPU work you need to be sure that display is not tied to the non-Jetson remote machine. Should your desktop machine not support the version of CUDA or OpenGL, then you will suddenly see errors about missing capabilities (those errors would go away when sitting directly at the Jetson, or if installing the missing dependencies on your desktop machine).

Thanks for replying me. Actually i did one sample accurately and it shows the result as well. But the problem is when i tried to run another sample then the file of that is not available. Then on executable window as well as in console message appeared is file not found. So if you know about this then please respond me.

Not all samples will exist, it may simply be a case of of something truly not there. What is the exact example and error message? How was the command invoked (e.g., using sudo on command line, or just the command on command line, so on…exact information will probably be required to answer)?

The sample program is matrixMUl. The name of this project is given by me is run. Till build its works fine. After build when i tried to find remote executable file it will not appeared and then this messgae will appears. The same problem appears when i tried another samples as well.

This is the message appeared in console.

/bin/sh -c “cd ;export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”/usr/local/cuda-7.0/lib":${LD_LIBRARY_PATH};“run”";exit
ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ echo PWD'>' /home/ubuntu> ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~ /bin/sh -c “cd ;export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”/usr/local/cuda- 7.0/lib":${LD_LIBRARY_PATH};“run”";exit
/bin/sh: 1: run: not found

For debugging I’d recommend breaking up the commands for cd, export, so on, into multiple lines (if it is a particular command within the set of commands it will be narrowed down)…I am suspicious of the “run” command being invalid.

There is also a possibility if running with remote display (e.g., “ssh -Y”) the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the Jetson file system will be invalid…graphics/GPU/CUDA function may transfer to your desktop system if running remote display.