Problem with camera

Hi, I get this:

Called with args:
OpenCV version: 3.3.1-dev
(‘Device Number:’, 1)
VIDEOIO ERROR: V4L: index 1 is not correct!
camera open failed

Can you help me?

Hi lukas.ungier, can you try video_device=0? By default, the Jetson onboard camera is mounted as /dev/video0 - not /dev/video1

I’ve already tried, same result.

Do you have onboard camera ? It should be /dev/video0. For using it from opencv, you would need an opencv build with gstreamer support, but JetPack’s build of opencv-3.3.1 doesn’t have CUDA nor gstreamer support, so you would have to build your own (You can use this script or read this page for building opencv).

If you also have a USB cam, it would then be /dev/video1. So you would post the output of:

v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video1 --all

for better advice.

I’ve just found a solution. The problem was that the opencv was being taken from ros’ directories.