Problem with Tesla K40 and intel hd graphics 4600

Hi all,
So after many hours of struggling i hope this forum can help me.
I have a H81M-A Asus motherboard which have only one pci express x16 slot thats where my tesla is.
I updated the bios to the latest firmware and set the primary view as IGPU (integrated on board that is the intel) so bios is loading nicely and even i get the windows logo but when i go into windows i have a 16 color display and at the device manager there is a problem with the intel hd graphics - it says doest not have enough resources error code 12. He recognize the k40 and has no problem with it. except that its displaying only 16 colors and the resolutions is pretty bad - i updated the intel video driver from the asus site and intel site both didnt help and i updated the chipset as well again it did not solve the problem. anyhow the system loads perfectly fine when the tesla is disconnected.
So except getting another card and add it (it is a problem since i have only pci x1 free slot) does anyone have an idea? it is probably the addresses that windows 7 gives to the devices but i dont know how to deal with it.
Thanks for reading and hopefully someone will reply :=)

Seems like it’s a motherboard BIOS related issue. Report it to ASUS and see if they have any resolution. Is this a Windows 7/Windows 8? UEFI install? If so, my only recommendation would be to try legacy BIOS Windows 7/Windows 8 installation and see if that resolves it… or vice-versa… if you have a legacy BIOS boot, try installing either Win 7 or Win 8 in UEFI mode.

Hi, did you find a solution to this? I am experiencing exactly the same problem with a Tesla K40 card and an Asus H97M-E motherboard. The machine is running Windows 7 Professional in legacy BIOS mode.

Hi all I ended up upgrading the motherboard

What motherboard did you end up upgrading to?