Problems logging into new SDK manager installation

I have recently installed the SDK manager on a new Ubuntu 18.04 installation and cannot successfully log into it. I get to the point where i input my email account specificaiton and password for my nvidia developer account password and 1 of 2 things happen: 1) no confirmatory email is sent/recieved to my mailer or 2) if a mail is sent and i open it in my mail client and push the authorize button I get a message saying I am not authorized to perform the operation. Any help would be appreciated. BTW I can log into my developer account on

There are two tabs for picking login location. One for “partners”, and the other for regular developers. Make sure you are using the developer login and not the partner login.

I only use the developers tab

is it possible that my account is disabled due to my many unsuccessful attempts to login?

@TomNVIDIA might be able to answer that. Or it might be something temporary and it might resolve itself shortly.

Been trying for days to log in.


Are you using the latest version of the SDKM?

Read this topic for SDK Manager Issues - Community Information / Forum Feedback - NVIDIA Developer Forums


will try again now.

just tried to log into the developer account and no confirmatory email was recieved. The version I have installed is

If you continue to have issues after upgrading, please package the folder ~/.nvsdkm and send that to me via a private message.



I gave up and created a new developers account using my gmail account. All appears to be working now. I guess my main mail server was blocking nvidia’s confirmation emails (National Laboratory, Department of Energy email account).

Thanks for the help though.

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Cool, I’m glad you are able to get things working.

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