Unable to login through SDK Manager


Initially i was using community login, so i couldn’t login through SDK Manager.
Yesterday i created new account in developer.nvidia.com, Even then i couldn’t login.

Incorrect email or password is the error.
Edit 1:
I got a mail from nvidia that account is blocked.
I ve unblocked my account successfully, but still “Incorrect email or password is the error”, but same password is working in developer.nvidia.com

Hi Rajesh,

If you’ve used your Google, Facebook, wechat or qq account credentials to sign-up at developer.nvidia.com, you will not be able to use these credentials to login to NVIDIA SDK Manager.

You would need to create a new account without using these social media services.


Even with current account I’m not able login. My account is getting blocked.

I created a new login with my official email-ID, even with that i’m not able to login.

Bottom comment from satyarajesh is from official email ID, even that is not getting through.

Even with this ID, I’m not able to login. Kindly do something. This is annoying.

I verified that both accounts are working and not blocked. Can you provide screenshots of the errors you are getting in the SDK Manager?


Even with my ID cannot login SDK manager and Developer sites.


I can login here via this authorization page…


I can not login as well.
I got an account again but it was no good.
Account: o2mana and mbotsu

Excuse me, but please help.

Download version sdkmanager_0.9.13-4763_amd64.deb

2019-07-30 18:02:51.634 - info: Logging in with sso login method…
2019-07-30 18:02:51.695 - info: posting login request. url: https://devzone.auth0.com/oauth/token
2019-07-30 18:02:52.263 - info: posting login request. url: https://devzone.auth0.com/oauth/token
2019-07-30 18:02:52.878 - error: devzone signIn error, took 1.183s. errors(developer/user db): Invalid username and password. Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts. We've sent you an email with instructions on how to unblock it.
2019-07-30 18:02:52.878 - error: loginManager.login failed: wrong_user_or_password

I have the same issue. I can login developer site successfully after reset my password twice. However, cannot login SDK Manager anyway. Please help

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I always get the information that Incorrect email or password. But I login here successfully with the same account.

Same issue,
connected with Google account and couldnt connect to SDK manager.
Created a new account with a new e-mail and somehow after a day or so it says my password is incorrect, even if i reset it.


Same here, can login the site, but can’t login in SDK Manager.

Please, do something about it, 5 days has passed already.


Same issue, it works for a while, but now I can’t login SDK_manager.I have unblocked for many times. And it doesn’t work.

same issue, i can login my account on website but i can’t login SDK_manager, please help


Same problem here!
I cannot log on to the Nvidia SDK manager

Even if I disconnect the network, SDK manager shows Incorrect email or password.

There is a problem with the SDK Manager Login. I have three acocunts which all work normally and since today I cannot login and all resets fail. The website works.

Guys, this is serious and needs fixing - there’s a lot of idle developers because of this!

Same problem for me with two separate accounts. Definitely a problem with the SDK manager.

Hi everyone,

We are looking into the SDK Manager login issue. I will post updates here in the thread.
Stay tuned…


I am also having the same issue.

Yep, I’ve tried everything, but I cannot log into the SDK Manager.