SDK Manager - Account is blocked

Hi, my account is blocked after I changing my password.
I have checked the mail, but I can’t deal with this.

Hello @tsungmin_wang,

Your account is now unblocked. Please try again.


i met same issue, i have to register another account to reply this post. my account is

i am pretty sure i enter the correct account and secret code because i can login from the website.

it is quite like what described in this post

i think this may be a bug of sdkmanager. and i don’t recieve any please!

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Hi 550786402,
I can login my account now after the support from TomK.

I think your issue should tell managers to help you.
If they doesn’t anwser you here, maybe you can post a new topic.

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Hi @storrrrrrrrm,

Your account is now unblocked. Please try logging in now.