Sdk manager account blocked

On the nvidia SDK manager login screen, impossible to login after entering credentials, message stating “The account is blocked. Check you mail to unlock” But no mail is available. The same credentials work on online login.

Hi @s_nvidia_user,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. I have the team looking into your account now. Please stand by for updates.

Tom K

Hi @s_nvidia_user,

Can you please check your account membership? User Account Membership Settings :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

Hi @TomK ,
If I’m not mistaken, the instructions you shared to check the account membership requires to be logged in, which I’m unable to do at the moment.


Are you logging into the NVIDIA Developer tab?

Hi @s_nvidia_user ,
One of our SDK Team suspects that the version of SDKM you have may not be the latest version so please update to the latest version available here : NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer

Should the update alone does not resolve the problem please package the folder ~/.nvsdkm and send that to us , that will help us debug the issue.
Thanks for your patience.