Account Blocked

My SDK manager account is blocked. It says that it will send me an email with a link. I have checked email but there is no link (and nothing in spam). Can you please unblock it? Thanks!


Your account was blocked for some reason. Please try accessing now.


Hi Tom. Thanks for your response. I checked and yes, the account is not blocked anymore. But my pw is an issue. Is it the same as this dev account, or is there a different password? My pw that I use for the dev account does not seem to be recognized by the SDK manager. Thanks!

Hi caseyking,
The same password is used since SDK Manager is using the same account. Can you please attach the ~/.nvsdkm/sdkm.log file for analysis?

Hi Edward, Sorry to be stupid. How can I access the log file to send to you? Can you give me instructions.

Hi caseyking,
When you reply a thread and edit in a pop up window, you can see there is an icon to upload files.