Can't login to account [23.09.2020]

Same as mentioned in the previous post: Login to SDK Manager
I cannot login to SDK manager. I did reset my acc password 3 times, can log in to this forum, but not in the app.

It displays “incorrect login or password”.

I have newest sdkmanager(


We checked your account, and there are no issues showing up.

Please try again. If you still experience errors, please provide a screenshot to help us troubleshoot.


HI @TomK - I am having an issue after downloading the latest SDK Manager

When I attempt to log into the SDK Manager, it opens a new browser window.

I am prompted for my email address.

Then it prompts me for my email address again, and my nvidia account password.

I put that in, and I receive the following message:

The operation was not valid. See Details or docs for more information.

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I’m assuming this has to do with the latest version of NVIDIA SDK Manager. Do I need to rollback to the previous version? If so, how?


Looks like after a password reset, and “refreshing” my profile via a web browser with some additional information and closing and reopening SDK Manager several more times I was able to successfully make it with with the latest version of NVIDIA SDK Manager.

Looking forward to playing with the AGX Xavier! :)

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Hi Brian,

Glad you got it sorted out.