Cannot login SDKM

I have joined in the developer, but cannot login sdk manager still.

log info:

from loginfo, I got a url that display user status,

I guess my account is not authorized. please, help me.

Hello @heziang,

Welcome to the NVIDIA forums! Please make sure you are using the latest version of the SDKM. For more info, please see this post: Read this topic for SDK Manager Issues

SDKM does not work.
I gave up this solution and used other methods that flash using the docker container.

Hi @heziang

Sorry to hear your issue was not resolved. I have reached back out to the SDKM team for an update on the issue.

Hi @heziang,

The engineering team reports that this was fixed on the server side. You should now be able to log into the SDKM. Let me know if you still have issues. I will assume all is good if I don’t hear back from you.