Sdk manager unresovable login error

I have installed the sdk manager on my linux system successfully, however when I try to run the docker version of the sdk manage or the gui version of the sdk manager when it asks for my email and password it does not work. I am assuming I would use the same email and password that has allowed me to make this post.
What could be the problem?


  • Welcome to NVIDIA SDK MANAGER v2.0.0.11402 +

┏ Login ---------------------------------------- ┓

  • Select login type: NVOnline
  • Email (NVONLINE):
  • Password (NVONLINE): [hidden]
    ✖ Logging into NVOnline server…
    ┗ ---------------------------------------------- ┛

Error: Incorrect email or password

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-11500H @ 2.90GHz × 12
Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics (TGL GT1) / Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics


If SDK Manager does not work for you, manually flashing with our BSP should also do it:

It seems I am having the same issue these users were having.

That said, is not a way to bypass the login. I needed a login to download the docker image for the SDK, why would the same email and password not work to run the docker image I just downloaded?
Why does one even need to login just to use the SDK manager?

Those questions aside, can I run the sdk manager from a windows machine and use it to install jetpack on my jetson that has ubuntu running on it?

SDKM is actually a “smart” network layer on top of the JetPack GUI, so it does need networking. The JetPack GUI itself used to not be started with “sdkmanager”. Earlier than that there wasn’t even a JetPack GUI. JetPack itself is just a GUI front end to the actual flash software. In recovery mode the Jetson is a custom USB device understood only by a custom USB driver, which is appropriately named the “driver package” for use on the host PC (and this in turn is needed because Jetsons don’t have a BIOS; they have the equivalent in software, and thus cannot self-flash). Much of what gets downloaded has a EULA, so I think the login is more or less for that.

However, it isn’t unusual for someone to not realize that there are four possible logins:

  • The one you need is the “developer” login for Jetsons.
  • Sometimes people select the partners tab, which won’t work if you are not an NVIDIA partner.
  • Sometimes the login requested is actually for the host PC.
  • Once a flash completes the Jetson reboots and first boot account setup occurs. It is possible that the Jetson login password is required at that point for optional software.

If you are sure you are in the developer tab, and that this is for starting sdkmanager, then it is an actual problem.

Note that there is an sdkmanager tab for “offline from local folder”. If you have already downloaded everything, then that should work without login to the NVIDIA web site. However, during flash you will still need your local PC’s password in order for it to use sudo (never start sdkmanager as root/sudo). If flash completed, and the Jetson rebooted, then you would need the new account password for the Jetson.


Authorization flow not allowed

The above is what I get after my successful login through the “developer” login. First it says “authorized flow not allowed” then when I try the tab that allows for a qr code or go to the site through the “copy link” which is the following

I fill it out log in with no problem and then it says return to the program and nothing happens and I still cant use it.

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