Unable to login through SDK manager


I created the account with my university id. When I tried to login it gives me the error ‘Incorrect email or password’

Hi @raghoji2,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums! Are you using the latest version of the SDKM?

Hello! I wanted to flash Jetson TX2 with ‘Jetpack 4.3’ and for that it is downloading older version of SDK Manager and it is giving error, when I try to login like invalid username and password even if I am doing it with my university mail ID. When I downloaded the latest version of SDK Manager, it is working but for TX2 it is not showing ‘Jetpack 4.3’. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 for flashing. Can I download ‘Jetpack 4.3’ on latest SDK Manager version?

This is a question for the Jetson support team. I will have them jump into the thread ASAP.


Please run

sdkmanager --archivedversions

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