Unable to login with SDK Manager

I am using the SDK Manager Version, When i login via website then the login is fine. But in SDK Manager it always complains “User is not authorized on NVIDIA Dev server”
I have attached the logs from the nvsdkm folder.

I am not using any social accounts to login, i am using my work email ID.
sdkm.log (24.0 KB)
sdkm_download.log (504 Bytes)
sdkm-2022-05-18-08-02-45.log (24.0 KB)

Hi Sundeep,

Let me have the team dig in and get back to you.


Hi Sundeep,

From the logs you provided it appears to be a network problem. Are you still experiencing the issue?

Looks like you resolved this from the comment in your other topic. I will close this one now.