problems with cusp libraries

i would like to use cusp libraries to solver a sparse linear systems. and here are some questions: work enviroment is cuda 7.5, visual studio 13 , GP100 and win10, do they work with each other?
2. in the enviroment as discribed in question 1, i can successfully build the project, but when i trying to debug this project some problem happens and some. eg. the ‘cudaMemGetInfo’, ‘cudaMalloc’, and ‘cudaMemcpy’ all return unknown error(30). However, when i build some simple projects to check if it is a problem for all the projects, these three API work in these simple projects.
have you ever meet the same problem or something like that.

I think cusp should be workable/usable in the environment you describe.

If your GP100 is in WDDM mode, I wold make sure you are not running into a WDDM TDR timeout. Other than that I wouldn’t be able to say anything about your code or test case, since you haven’t shown it.