Problems with initial compilation of C++ application

Hi there.

I’m currently developing a translational tool which takes input in the form of an intermediate representation for Prograph code with parallel annotations, and produces it as C++ with OpenMP annotations.

I’ve developed it to the point where it generates valid sequential code (compiling with GCC 3.4.4), and it also appears as though pgCC accepts the code as well (both sequential and parallel versions).

Anyway, I’ve just installed the amd64 version of your product on my Linux box running Gentoo, and I get the following error when I try to compile the file:

$ pgCC pi.par.pgir.cpp
“pi.par.pgir.cpp”, line 39: warning: variable “r17” was set but never used
int r17; //MAKEVAR

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Name: “Mark McKenna”
User: lanatha
Hostid: PGI=0013D4E0B440FF132D03E0
/usr/local/opt/pgi/linux86-64/6.0/lib/libstd.a: could not read symbols: File format not recognized

…the last one, not the first. I know why that’s happening :)

It appears to be complaining that one of the files in your distribution doesn’t have the right format; however the archive is valid according to ar.

Anyway… any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Mark,

I think it’s the same problem we’ve been having with SuSE 10. The binutils (ld, as, objdump, nm, etc) default behavior has changed to always do a processor specific type check on all non-user defined sections of an object. Since IPA information is stored in one of these sections, the binutlis no longer accept objects containing IPA information. We’ve fixed this problem for the upcoming 6.1 release and have issued a patch for the 6.0-8 release.

Hope this helps,

Well, I assume it does; however that link you posted doesn’t work. I’m currently looking around the website for something like it, but I haven’t seen it yet.


Hi Mark,

Sorry about that. I thought our IT person had posted it already but it looks like he hasn’t done it yet. I’ll send you the patch via email and press John to get the patch posted.

  • Mat

Okay, thanks very much! I really appreciate it… the deadline quickly looms, and I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to test the output (we don’t have a C++/OMP compiler available, just C, and I depend on pass-by-reference)

FYI, the patch has been uploaded to Also, I order to use the patch, you need to add “$PGI/linux86-64/6.0/patch” to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

  • Mat