Problems with Xcode

I can compile code for DEBUG, but for the Release, I get two instances of the following error:

sh: which: command not found
sh: dirname: command not found
sh: /gcc: No such file or directory
nvopencc error: no support for gcc version 0
sh: rm: command not found
Command /usr/local/bin/nvcc failed with exit code 255

I should probably add that I have tried this using various Xcode project templates that have been posted to this forum.

I’d try doing a fresh install of the latest xcode release. Also make sure you download the version of the xcode plugin that’s at the end of the relevant thread (maybe do this first) as I think the first plugin did not have RELEASE configured. I think. To manually configure it, select your project file in xcode, and do a get info, then click on the build tab, and compare the debug and release configuration settings. The only thing that should really be different is that ‘use fast math’ and ‘emulation mode’ should both be unchecked down at the bottom. actually, you could leave fast math on I guess, but it’s less accurate…

Anyway, try that, if that doesn’t work, then I’d reinstall cuda too, and try again, but it really looks like there’s just something wrong with the build settings. As long as they are identical, it SHOULD work. Not that that means it will. :D

also check to make sure that BASH is the default shell… that might make a difference, I suppose.