Profiler analysis view, no chart, no memory latency analysis

Hi, I am new to CUDA and am learning to analyze data latency with the profiler.

My system is Ubuntu, CUDA 11.0, GTX 1060 which uses the Pascal Architecture.

After running “nvvp”:

While in the analysis view, I go to “CUDA Application analysis” --> “Performance-Critical Kernels”, from there I see that “Perform Kernel Analysis” is Greyed out. Also, when I go to “Perform Additional analysis”, which is not greyed out, nothing happens. I was looking for the chart that shows memory latency.

Also, I can not get to a stage where I can examine Latency or Memory Bandwidth.

I realize that the new Nsight Systems CLI is what is being recommended but I did try it but found in the docs that the Pascal architecture is unsupported.

Thank You


How did you generate the report It appears that .prof file is generated using the nvprof. To view the analysis sections in Visual Profiler, please use the command

$nvprof --analysis-metrics <application>

nvprof switch --analysis-metrics collects profiling data that can be imported in the Visual Profiler’s analysis sections. Alternate is to run and profile the application using Visual Profiler directly.