Programs that are CUDA compatible


I am an engineer who uses the following programs:

  • manifold
  • visual modflow flex which uses modflow 2005 and modflow surfact
  • Microsoft access
  • surfer by golden software
    After doing a fair bit of research, i’ve only found that manifold works with CUDA. This program is completely new to me so if any of you guys could let me know which ones out of the list are CUDA compatible, that would be great!


Have you tried checking out the software vendors’ home page? For example, for Manifest GIS the acceleration with NVIDIA GPUs is mentioned right there on the starting page

Visiting the home pages of the software manufacturers for the other three products, and searching their forums, I did not find any evidence of GPU acceleration in any of them. You may want to consider a call to the vendors’ support hotlines to inquire about current or planned GPU acceleration.