Good 2D CUDA-Enabled CFD software?

I’m looking for some CFD software that is CUDA enabled. 2D would be nice, 3D would be awesome. Pressure and force distribution calculations would be more useful than merely visualizations. I just got a GTX 470 hoping that I could eventually use it for this purpose. If not, I guess I may just spend the next two years writing something :unsure:

recently someone released solver add on for openFOAM by openCFD.

Other than that , i might put gpu version of inavier that i wrote. (second version is still not available online).

You might be interested in OpenCurrent, which probably contains most of the tools you would need if you decide to put some code together yourself.

it seems that the navier stokes solver you have suggested can only handle cartesian type of meshes. It can not handle unstructured meshes.

OP probably wants something that might be able to handle unstructured meshes.