Project Suggestion Required

We are the Under-Graduate students with our major in Computer Science And Engineering. We are keen on working on CUDA and we would like some suggestion on topics which we can undertake as our project. We want to work on some new topics which will have a wide application and acts as a solution to the problems faced today in the field of computing.Therefore we request you to provide us with ideas and suggestions.
Thank you.

some subjects that have been explored but are of wide interest and not available in open-source at this time:

    port of ClamAV to CUDA or OpenCL

    RAID-5 and RAID-6 software implementation using GPU instead CPU

    chess engine (working on that on my side)

    MySQL sort engine and index rebuilding engine

    XSL/T parallel transformer

    AES encryption using GPU (not useful on latest Intel CPU but for old PC will be hot)

    Parallel CPU emulation (ie: 68000 CPU or older RISC architecture such as previous ARM)

What are your areas of interests? I think it would be more useful for you to say here is a problem I know a lot about or am interested in. Now what can I do with cuda to solve that problem.

Thank you for the reply…well, we would be interested in something to do with cryptography…again, we are ready to learn something that is new to us…and we are looking for something that is not explored yet…



Thank you so much for the reply…

it was great help…we are looking into the topics to see what would be best for us…

Still, if you can suggest us something that is not already explored then it would be very good…

Thanks again.