Topics for project in parallel programming in cuda

Can anyone suggest me some topics for my college project on parallel programming using cuda. It will be really nice if someone help me. Thank you.

Without knowing your educational background and specific parameters of the college project it is not possible to suggest anything in particular. You would want to pick a problem from a field you are truly interested in, either professionally (e.g. image processing) or as a hobby (e.g. chess). Projects can require a lot of hard work, so you would want to stay super motivated. The enormous variety of published GPU-accelerated computations (see, for example, demonstrates that with some out-of-the-box almost any area can benefit from parallel computation.

I am doing B.Tech in cs. There is just one paramerter that we have to use parallel programming in our project. I want to pick up project which will help me for my career. Thank you.

Just one parameter? I would have thought that there could be a limit on the amount of time until you have to turn in the results, for example. “B. Tech in CS” does not mean anything to me (what country is this?) and does not give any indications as to your programming expertise or the extent of your computer science knowledge.

I would think that the work needed to independently select a suitable project topic is an integral part of the project. That said, you can see examples of work other people have done at NVISIA’s CUDA showcase: Looking though those may give you an idea.

thank you :)

Hello,I am shweta.I am final year computer science and Engineering student.I have already done one project i in CUDA .Now,I also want to do my final year project in CUDA.So,please give me some suggestions about projects based on CUDA.