Public_sources/kernel contains both a kernel-4.9 and nvidia?

I’m testing the Driver 4.4 for Jetson Nano. And happened to realize that after extracting L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources , there are 2 folders kernel-4.9 and nvidia, both contain a folder named drivers.

My questions are:

  • It looks the folder nvidia is the default configuration for Tegra Jetson Nano? But, what about TX1 ?
  • Since kernel-4.9 is provided, if I rebuild the kernel, I believe it must be able to generate a configuration for Jetson Nano, right? So, why this nvidia folder exists? What is folder nvidia for?

What are the relationship and difference between kernel-4.9 and nvidia? And, if I build a kernel from souce for Jetson Nano, is folder nvidia redundant? So, can I just remove this nvidia folder?

Thank you very much

I don’t know what all of the structure is, but if the actual kernel is in the “kernel-4.9/” subdirectory. There are some Tegra features inside of that kernel, which if enabled, will cause components to be built using a relative path. That relative path exits “kernel-4.9/” and ascends into the “nvidia/” content to find the source code. “It’s all relative.” Don’t remove this unless you are leaving out NVIDIA content.