Clear way to make and build a new kernel on Jetson Nano

For days I been trying to follow the steps on this page with it not working on the Nano.

I then went and looked at this as i was looking for but I can not find Tegra210_Linux_R32.1_aarch64.tbz2 file to do the steps in the first link. Am I missing something simple.


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You can also find kernel sources in L4T Nano R32.1 sources (you need to be logged into developer.nvidia).

I gotten that already.

You can find it

L4T Jetson Driver Package
32.1 2019/03/18

This download file includes the latest BSP (Board Support Package) for the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit, Jetson TX2 Developer Kit and Jetson Nano Developer Kit. For specific details of this package, please review the Release Notes and appropriate 32.1 64-bit guides.


L4T JAX and TX2 R32.1 Jetson Driver Package
L4T Jetson Nano R32.1 Jetson Driver Package  <---