Jetson Kernel Source Download? /etc/apt/sources.list Additions?

I originally had L4T R19.2 on my Jetson, and ran native kernel compiles there. Somewhere along the way I got the kernel source on my Jetson, but don’t remember where and now have L4T R19.3. Here is a reference I found to a kernel source:

However, I’m wondering where kernel source is officially listed for download? I’ve been digging through links and only finding this indirect reference which in turn was from a forum post, not an official nVidia listing.

Where is kernel source officially listed?

I’ve also lost my old /etc/apt/sources.list, and not quite sure what nVidia lists were added on 19.2 when going through the setup and CUDA install. Anyone know which repos were custom added to R19.2’s /etc/apt/sources.list? Or which nVidia repos could be added? If possible I’d like to use apt to install nVidia packages like kernel source or OpenGL headers.

I’ve installed kernel sources, as instructed by Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Documents_R19.3.tar. I didn’t manage to use git commands directly, but -k did the job.

Isn’t this what you want: Linux for Tegra Rel-19 ?

I was never able to find kernel source from this one. Perhaps I went through it too fast.

This is the one! I’m curious though, how did you find this link? Was it in the L4T documentation?

It’s on the Jetson TK1 Support page. :)

ROFL, ok…it just seems obvious now that you point it out. Thanks!