PyCUDA NPP Library Compatability

I’ve been trying to access the Nvidia Performance Primitives library through Python, and I found a very useful tutorial last updated in 2011 at this site:

However, after downloading the CUDA 6.0 toolkit I can’t seem to find any CUDA “.dll” files at all (like those referenced near the start of the tutorial). I know the file names should be different to those in the tutorial, but I can’t find any.

Does anybody know an alternative method or command to import the library? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if I’ve missed any key details then please let me know.

Thanks a lot,

Board: Jetson TK1
OS: L4T Ubuntu 14.04
Language: Python 2.7

Hi Dan,

Dynamic Linked Library (dll) files are dynamic libraries specifically for Windows Operating Systems. The equivalent on Ubuntu would be a Shared Object (so).

In Linux you can use the command “whereis” to locate source folders for programs. On your Jetson board try “whereis cuda” or “whereis cuda-6” to locate this folder. For me it was in /usr/local/cuda.

Hope this helps!