Pypylon (basler) on Jetson Orin AGX Development kit?


I have successfully installed jetpack and set up baslers “pylon viewer” software to display the connected GigE camera. I now need to install the pip package “pypylon”. Is this possible and if so which version should I use? I have python 3.8 installed locally, so far I tried downloading and installing several pypylon wheels from Release 2.2.0 · basler/pypylon · GitHub however none of them are installing due to “x is not a supported wheel on this platform.”

Any idea how I can get pypylon installed?

Please check with vendor to get help on this.

The latest Jetpack release is 5.1.1. If you use previous release, we would suggest upgrade to latest version.

Did you try AARCH64 version wheel?


I built it from source by cloning their github repo and it solved my issue.

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