Pytorch for JetPack6.0

Hello, I would like to know if there are PyTorch pip wheels available for JetPack 6.0 (L4T R36.3.0).

I couldn’t find PyTorch for the latest version at the provided link.


The package is released in a monthly manner.
Please wait for the release.


@643870525 the ones built on R36.2.0 work on R36.3.0, because they use the same CUDA 12.2 and cuDNN 8.9.

I do have PyTorch 2.3 built awhile against CUDA 12.4 and cuDNN 9 on R36.3.0:

I will also go back and build PyTorch 2.3 for CUDA 12.2 on R36.3.0.

OK, you can find PyTorch 2.3 built on R36.3 for CUDA 12.2 here: jp6/cu122/: torch-2.3.0 metadata and description

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