Pytorch and Cuda 12.3


I checked the Pytorch Start Locally Page and it shows Conda and Cuda 12.1 should work. For me, not a lot of luck

CUDA not available
Using device: cpu
tensor([[0.6572, 0.5879, 0.8894],
[0.2627, 0.2033, 0.7407],
[0.6683, 0.4645, 0.3171],
[0.4389, 0.4759, 0.6664],
[0.3716, 0.5192, 0.6393]])
Torch version: 2.0.1

but when I do a conda list I see: pytorch 2.2.0.dev20231114 py3.8_cpu_0 pytorch-nightly

I think there might be some duplicate, but not sure where on my Win11 machine. I used VS Code to set up my python env (with conda).

Anyone have any idea why the gpu is not being detected? I have cuda 11.8 installed…but am wondering if cuda 12.3 might work? Or will it just add to the problems?

I have a Nvida rtx 4xxx card bought this year.




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Did you find a solution?

I ended up uninstalling miniconda and installing full Anaconda!

I think you have to uninstall what ever version of conda you are using and start over

can you provide me steps to install and uninstall

on my jetson agx xavierunit. having Jetpack 5.1.2