Pytorch and Cuda 12.3


I checked the Pytorch Start Locally Page and it shows Conda and Cuda 12.1 should work. For me, not a lot of luck

CUDA not available
Using device: cpu
tensor([[0.6572, 0.5879, 0.8894],
[0.2627, 0.2033, 0.7407],
[0.6683, 0.4645, 0.3171],
[0.4389, 0.4759, 0.6664],
[0.3716, 0.5192, 0.6393]])
Torch version: 2.0.1

but when I do a conda list I see: pytorch 2.2.0.dev20231114 py3.8_cpu_0 pytorch-nightly

I think there might be some duplicate, but not sure where on my Win11 machine. I used VS Code to set up my python env (with conda).

Anyone have any idea why the gpu is not being detected? I have cuda 11.8 installed…but am wondering if cuda 12.3 might work? Or will it just add to the problems?

I have a Nvida rtx 4xxx card bought this year.




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Did you find a solution?

I ended up uninstalling miniconda and installing full Anaconda!

I think you have to uninstall what ever version of conda you are using and start over