PyTorch for Jetson

hey dusty, i’ve been round and round in circles with this one, think i realize now what i’m trying to do is actually not possible. i maybe stupidly assumed that if there is a cuda 11.8 / cuda 12.x then there would be things like tensorRT to match this for the jetson platforms, however I’m realizing now this is ver much the case and actually there are only very specific combinations of cuda, pytorch, torchvision, tensorrt etc…

i’m trying to use yolov8 and i need cuda 11.8 to work with pytorch as 11.4 isn’t supported?

i’m no expert in all of this so it’s a lot of following things online and most of the stuff is written for x86, see my post:

i’m crossing my fingers that jetpack 6 solves everything - if not we’ll have to implement another solution in our business, such a shame as i think the jetson setup would otherwise be perfect, compatibility it just a nightmare

I’ve got everything working with:
cuda 11.8
pythorch 2.0.0+nv23.05
torchvision 0.15.1
ultralytics 8.0.218

just cannot get tensorRT to join the party :(

thanks for your help and support regardless :)