Qemu-5.0 unsupport vgpu migration after applying Add-migration-support-for-VFIO-devices.patch

From the patch of “Add-migration-support-for-VFIO-devices.patch”, It seems that it may have possible to support nvidia vgpu migration in qemu-5.0. But after I apply this patch, the qemu monitor still show me “Error: VFIO device doesn’t support migration”.
This problem is caused by the migration blocker, which is set due to vfio_get_dev_region_info return non-zero. So, I wonder if I or the patch have missed something.

Hi, which distri are you using? Migration is supported for example for KVM from Nutanix (AHV). I really doubt that this feature was added in 2018 as referenced in your link above.

The linux kernel distro is 4.18.0-167.el8.x86_64.
Qemu version is 5.0.

Right now there is no support for migration for RedHat or Ubuntu KVM. Only specific KVM reference partners are already providing migration support as mentioned above (AHV as example).
Sorry that I cannot be of better help.


Thanks for your reply. If possible, I hope nvidia can support vgpu migration feature for CentOS8 with Qemu-KVM as soon as possible.