quadra 600 just for display

I’m looking into a setup that uses a Quadro 600 to feed a 10-bit capable 2550x1440 display, while 2 GTX 780 TI’s do all or most of the 3D modelling and rendering work that I do -and feed two additional 1920x1080 displays. Is this practical, sensible?
My reasoning is that the 10-bit capable monitor needs a 10-bit capable GPU (the Quadro), while the non-10-bit but fast and CUDA-packed GTX’s that do the 3D number crunching, can take care of the other two monitors, that need not be capable of viewing 10-bit.
Both speed (mostly coming from CUDA) and high-end display performance (coming from 10-bit) are important to me. After 20 years moving from Apple to the Windows-platform, and having read tons of articles by this point, I’m now coming to a final wish list. Is this set-up practical? Will it work? Is there an interesting alternative? Known issues perhaps?